After Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is one of the most common natural disasters that occur in the United States. Most fires begin as a result of cooking, heating, or lighting. As smoke and soot inhalation continues, a fire develops and may grow to uncontrollable proportions. Fire damage is often the result of poor indoor air quality, but dry burning embers are not the only cause of fire damage.

Fire damage restoration is essentially the process of restoring a smoke and fire damaged structure to the pre-incident condition. Fire restoration and clean up jobs can sometimes take months or years because of the destructive nature of this tragedy. Fire damage also involves mitigating soot and water damage, although this is not always necessary. It is important for smoke odor to be removed from a building as much as possible. The most effective method of smoke odor removal is to use professional smoke odor cleaners.

The best time to begin the fire damage restoration process is as soon as the building occupants have left the premises. Fire restoration companies specialize in treating all forms of smoke and Odor and will do their best to accommodate the needs of the patrons. Smoke and Odor removal services will usually work in tandem with restoration professionals to minimize the odors present before the restoration process begins. Once the smoke and odors have been completely eliminated, professional cleaning services will be used to restore the building to its original state. Fire damage restoration professionals will dehumidify the building, remove any combustible items, and repaint the interior of the building.

In many situations, fire damage restoration professionals may need to work in close conjunction with the fire marshal. Fire Marshals have the authority to order the immediate removal of whatever is found to be a potential threat to anyone on the property or near the property when a fire occurs. As most fires are contained within the home or business’s property, it is very rare for a Fire Marshal to issue an order to evacuate the premises. However, if you feel that the fire marshal has issued an evacuation order, it would be wise to follow their advice. Remember, only a Fire Marshal can order the immediate evacuation of a building.

Another step in the fire damage restoration process is for professional cleaners to conduct a pre-loss condition clean up of the affected area. If there was water damage, this step will likely be taken first so that the area is free of mold and mildew. This step is very important because mold and mildew can actually breed more dangerous microbial organisms if they are present in an area that has not been adequately cleaned. Fire restoration professionals should always take a close look at any areas that remain contaminated from smoke and odors.

There are many other things that should be done during and after the fire damage restoration process. Remember that these fires could have happened at any point during the day. They could have started small and kept burning throughout the day, or they could have started big and burned out. Professional fire damage restoration professionals can help you with the post-incident clean up of all fire-damaged materials. They will also be able to tell you what insurance policies your insurance company may offer to protect your belongings and the rest of your property.

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