Cialis and the strength of the desire to be a father

Erectile dysfunction is one of these embarrassing windows into the minds of men and the dynamics of sexual relationships. In the uncontroversial cases, the man is physically injured following an accident or there's a confirmed physical problem like heart disease. But once you stray off this beaten track, we get into all the other reasons why the man might not be able to achieve an erection. In a newly published survey, men were asked about their sexual performance when their wives wanted to get pregnant. For the record, there are now some very sophisticated pieces of equipment which test when women are at their most fertile during the time of ovulation. So, literally, the wife who wants to conceive can set the time of sexual intercourse to maximize the chances of a pregnancy. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily maximize the size of the erection.

About 40% of the men in the survey reported erectile dysfunction in this situation. They just could not take the pressure. OK we need to take one step back here. This was actually a survey of men in South Korea. It would be tempting to dismiss this as a local cultural problem and say Western men would never buckle under pressure. However there are two points to make. The first is purely social. If a wife is obsessing about conceiving and wakes her husband up at three in the morning because his contribution is needed, the reaction may not be entirely positive. Second, there's clear medical evidence that stress does reduce the level of testosterone. In turn, this reduces the libido.

When it comes to psychological problems, none of the erectile dysfunction drugs like Cialis are effective. Unless the man finds the situation sexually stimulating, there will be no erection. So if the man is undecided on whether he wants to become a father or just annoyed at being told to come home from work because this is the "best" time, no drug is going to overcome the relationship difficulty. It needs discussion and agreement, not Cialis.