Why buy Cialis using comparative charts?

If you go to the standard site, you have one seller who offers a price on a take-it-or-leave it basis. Come to this site and you will find at least two online pharmacies competing for your business. There's a comparative chart setting out the price per tablet. The price falls when you order in quantity so it works like a wholesale site. Click through to the individual pharmacies and you will find their terms for shipping and, if you want it, insurance. When you put all the price elements together, it's easy to see which pharmacy is offering the best deal to ship the Cialis in the quantities you want.

Why buy from international pharmacies?

If you buy from a US source, you are only allowed to buy the branded version of the drug. If you buy from a "foreign" pharmacy, you can buy the generic equivalent, sold under the name Tadalafil. This gives you exactly the same strength drug but at a fraction the usual price you pay for Cialis. Even when you add in the cost of shipping, major savings are available if you buy from an international source.